Algorithmic trading software can increase your investment profits

Introducing the only algorithmic trading software in the world available to the public that is entirely automatic! Whether the market advances or declines, you can now earn profits automatically using algorithmic trading software.

Why profit with algorithmic trading software?

It is a form of artificial intelligence
It will carry out a strategy and trade stocks 100% unattended
It is 100% point and click with no programming required by the user
It has been used successfully as a proven technology since 2005
It is used by nearly 15,000 people in over 3 dozen countries globally
It trades 7 foreign markets including Canada, USA, London, Hong Kong, India, Australia and Singapore


How the algo trading software was born...

After achieving great success with Microsoft, a renowned genius software developer retired as a multi-millionaire, then lost half of his retirement fortune in the stock market crash of 2000. That is when he realized a computer program can profit from the stock market much faster and better than any human ever could, including the most successful professional traders. So, in 2000, he came out of retirement and spent the next 5 years writing over 5 million lines of code to create the world's first and only fully automated system for individual investors to generate profits in the stock market every day.
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In the near future, many hundreds of thousands of global investors will be using this algo trading software because:

It is the only software available to individual investors that runs 100% on auto-pilot.
It requires no programming and is 100% point and click.
It has FREE North American Phone Technical Support to simplify download and set up.
The process involved is so simple: 1) download software, 2) select a strategy, 3) walk away.
It has 10 proven trading strategies that you can use right out of the box (or build your own!)
It is used by all levels of traders from novice to expert ... all 100% unattended.
Majority of users state they are in a profit position within the first few weeks.
It can be run in live trading simulation mode with no real money or brokerage account required
24/7 video trading is available in the online learning system

Discover How:

Proprietary algorithmic trading software can be used to make you money automatically. Without the involvement of your time to monitor it, it will take profits on market advances and declines so you can make money while at work, school or play.
Algorithmic trading can dramatically improve your investment returns over those of risk averse "buy and hold" investors and more active "swing traders" without requiring the time commitment of active day traders.
Algorithmic trading software can be used to supplement or replace your current investment strategy with less time or effort and will ensure that you are always in control at all times.
Algorithmic trading can lead to more confidence for you as your portfolio may have been negatively impacted by market volatility over the past years and you may not have experienced the record profits of the big institutions.
Investors like you at all investment and trading levels--novice, intermediate, advanced and expert--can use algorithmic software as an educational tool using simulation mode and, when comfortable, a profit centre using real money.

Did you know that in 2012 over 80% of the stock market trading done was done algorithmically that is, without human intervention? The average stock purchased by the computers at these huge institutions is held for a mere 22 seconds and many are held for even shorter periods! Fascinating articles on algorithmic stock trading software in the media: NY Times and Advanced Trading. "Algorithmic", "algo", or "black box" trading as it is referred to in the industry uses "quantitative strategies" to make mathematical projections on the price movements of the underlying securities...

Why not make a quantitative strategy using algo trading software a part of your investment strategy today?
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Are you tired of losing money? Find out how to stop losing money on your investments and to start making money and taking profits using algo trading software.

Most investors ride the investment roller-coaster up and down and get nowhere while banks and investment firms report record profits using a "buy and hold" approach due to the mass "group think" mentality that pervades the financial industry. Yet despite continued average-to-below-average returns, many investors continue to use this strategy and their advisors their family's financial detriment. Management expenses can eat away at your portfolio's returns over time. Would you agree that what is best for your financial advisor is not always what is best for you? Don't let biased financial advice ruin your retirement dreams!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result!

Here's some good news...

Global investors can now take advantage of a trading tool previously only available to the large institutions, hedge and pension funds: algorithmic trading software. Previously, such investor software was only available to the global financial elite and was extraordinarily expensive. When the next financial crash happens, what would happen to your funds? How many years will it take to recover next time?

The solution is algorithmic trading software.

Whether you are new to the capital markets as a casual investor or are a multi-millionaire and seasoned trading pro, algorithmic trading software provides investors with a way to profit without the time investment required of day traders.
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Algo trading is the ideal strategy for successful people like you who want to invest or trade, and do so successfully, but lack the time as well as for novice, intermediate and expert traders. You may not have any interest in active trading, but you most certainly want to see your investments make money and grow...

If you are an investor or trader who lives or works in or near New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tuscon, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, El Paso, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Indianapolis, Columbus, Charlotte, Detroit, Memphis, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Nashville, Louisville, Milwaukee, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, or Kansas City in the USA; Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, or Halifax in Canada; or in Europe, including England and the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, Portugal; or in Asia, including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam; or in Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia; or in Africa, including South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya; or in Israel, Australia or anywhere else in the world and trade stocks or forex on the stock exchanges in the USA (NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ), Canada (TMX), London (LSE), India (NSE), Hong Kong (HKE), Australia (ASX), or Singapore (SGX), we will assist you in order to automate your investments using algorithmic trading software.

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How algorithmic software has the ability to substantially increase the investment returns I make in the market without requiring me to sit at a desk and stare at a stock chart and wait for buy or sell technical signals.
A proven way to generate safe and regular investment gains--no matter what the market is doing, when markets go both up and down!
That the use of algorithmic trading software is accompanied by a training session, so I will be confident in its use before I ever put any real money at risk.
An investment tool that is revolutionizing the way that assets are digitally traded as millions of investors worldwide avail themselves to the world of algo trading.
An alternative to a buy and hold strategy that rewards those who manage my portfolio and profit from my money more than I do through expensive fees that are charged regardless of the performance of my investments.
How thousands of astute investors use this software on various global markets currently and generate profits already.
A business venture that is exploding worldwide as investors, traders and entrepreneurs take charge of their investments and financial future.
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Please consult with a qualified investment advisor to ensure that the strategy you select is suitable for your investment risk profile before trading in a live account. You are encouraged to use the algo trading software in simulation mode for as long as necessary before you feel confident in establishing a brokerage account to trade live with actual, rather than simulated, money. Please note that you are always in control of your money at all times when you use the algo trading software and can discontinue its use at any time.

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